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Mineral bath Pancherevo

Mineral bath Pancherevo
  10 min. - 60 min.    Pancharevo
District:    Pancharevo
Location:    42.6030725692325, 23.403416630687847
Objects nearby:     "Pancherevo" lake, "Korali" sports and entertainment complex
Public object / Private object:    Public
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The building of today's bath was built on the old Roman foundations of the mineral springs. During the construction of the new public bath in Pancharevo, many valuable exhibits from Roman times were discovered, which entered the NIM. The bathhouse was finally completed in 1945, and in 2017 it was renovated and currently functions as a modern rehabilitation and recreation center. Today, part of the mineral water is used in the spa complex and the nearby mineral pool, but the great potential of the springs is still not fully utilized.

The water springs with a temperature of about 49 degrees - clear, colorless and odorless, and its pH is neutral (7.0). In the Pancharevska bath, people with discopathy, disc herniations, arthritis, as well as people with urological, gynecological and neurological diseases can be treated, and the water with a high content of calcium and magnesium is the only one in the country suitable for small children and babies.

The renewed Pancharevska bath is open to visitors every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. - in summer, and from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. - in winter. It offers a men's and women's bath, jacuzzi, whirlpool and healing baths. There is also a fountain with drinking water in front of the bathroom.