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Saint George Fountain

Saint George Fountain
  5 min.    Boynitsa str.
District:    Knyazevo
Location:    42.6579954512514, 23.235566623280384
Objects nearby:    Park-hotel "Amfora"
Public object / Private object:    Public
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The fountain "St. George" in the kindergarten of the same name in the "Kniazhevo" district of Sofia is the second fountain of the sculptor Rusi Dundakov. It was built in the last century, after 1983, when the author created his first fountain in Petrichki Monastery "Saint Petka". The fountain was ordered by the neighborhood agricultural organization in "Kniazhevo".

The fountain is made of granite, it is higher than the first one - about 3.70 m., but in appearance it comes close to it. The reason is rooted in the fact that the master wants his creations to be visually similar and to make it clear that they were made by the same person. There is only one icon - of St. George in the central relief and a cross above her. The spouts are five in number.

The water from the tap is very tasty, it is warm but not hot, slightly mineralized, with a neutral pH and very soft. It is suitable and useful for everyday use. It has been proven over time that it has a beneficial effect on the body - kidneys and excretory system, bile, liver, gastrointestinal tract.

The iconography of the icon of St. Georgi belongs to the artist Svetla Koynova. She, together with her sister Lozinka Koinova-Arnaudova, are one of the best restorers in Bulgaria. Their work is the restoration of the icons of the "Bojan Church", the "Thracian Tomb in Sveshtari", the "Transfiguration Monastery" and many other cultural monuments. An interesting fact is that the face of St. Georgi is female and recreates the image of the artist.