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The Notary

The Notary
  20min.    2 Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd.
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.689894934527345, 23.327839705759445
Objects nearby:    Ivan Lazarov House-Museum and next to Patriarch Evtimiy Square
Public object / Private object:    External
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The building of the former Notary's Office was built in 1889 for the home of engineer Mikhail Momchilov and his wife, Baroness Filipina von Gleichen. It later became German property for a short time, and after the war - Soviet, before becoming a state institution. The building is considered the most beautiful building in Sofia for a long time.

The former Sofia Notary's Office is located at 2 Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd. and has a total area of 2181 sq.m. on 3 floors. The building was built in 1889. Until a few years ago, it housed the Sofia District Court.

Her style is a variant of the late Mediterranean renaissance. The volume is moving, and the gradation of low bodies and tower-like accents makes the suggestion even more expressive. Like other elite houses in Sofia, it combines rational functional organization and eclectic appearance. Not a small role in the facade-decorative composition of the home is assigned to the glass verandas, conservatories and balconies, characterized by a unique treatment of metal structures in Art Nouveau style.

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