Shared Sofia


  25 min.    4 Iskar St
District:    Center
Location:    42.69951049131518, 23.32585031088369
Objects nearby:    The Central Mineral Bath, Regional Historical Museum Sofia, Central Halls,
Public object / Private object:    Public

SOHO - Sofia Holistic Coworking Company is that cosy coworking space you’ve been wishing for while wandering and wondering how to combine your work duties with the leisures of the city center. 

In the Green house you will usually encounter digital nomads, professionals from the creative industries and urban art explorers. It is situated at, and reflects, the very heart of the city, allowing for a productive work day, accompanied with food for the soul in many shapes and forms: from art exhibitions, concerts and DJ parties, to pizza & movie nights or — if you are brave enough — a ballet class.


Among all the curated art pieces, monsteras and succulents that really do their part in enhancing the feng shui of the place, you will always meet friendly people from all over the world to strike a meaningful conversation with. And among our most beloved inhabitants are the two golden retrievers— our happiness managers—who often receive invitations to the events and not surprisingly collect all the credit.