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Work and share

Work and share
  25 min.    Tintyava Str. 15-17
District:    Dianabad
Location:    42.668747621146906, 23.350937256258813
Objects nearby:    Sofia metro
Public object / Private object:    Public
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Work & Share is one of the biggest coworking spaces in Sofia. We bring together freelancers, startups, small companies and corporations not only from the tech world but from all industries with the sole mission to build fruitful connections between them and to develop a sustainable, yet dynamic, inspirational and productive environment for sharing, mutual help and disruptive innovation.

Work & Share provides its customers with the opportunity to choose how they would like to work. It has the option for coworking from the open space area where a month-to-month memberships for dedicated, flexible desk or a day pass that allows you to join a thriving, growing community of talented individuals and successful businesses. Work & Share also offers team offices with glass walls and cool interior, where you can enjoy the privacy with your team, but still be part of the coworking space. Flexible & dedicated desks as well as the amazing offices are not the only option for experiencing the coworking culture, Work & Share has an atrium hall and an event hall where you can host your next brainstorming session or your company meeting.

Our beautiful and inspiring workspaces are designed for teams of all sizes, from startup entrepreneurs to early-stage startups! From small businesses to growing companies. And we promise to support our members all the way!