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Pink Tomato Festival

Pink Tomato Festival
  depending on own preferences    Knyaz Garden
District:    Center
Location:    (42.690875, 23.334522 )
Objects nearby:    Samardjiev House, Graffiti artwork “Sunflower” at Ivan Vazov str., The University Library, the Watch Tower behind the Military Club
Public / Private site:    Outdoors
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Amongst the intriguing festivals, a special place is dedicated to the Pink Tomato Festival. It focuses on a product with proven high taste qualities and a constant presence at the Bulgarian summer table.

In 2022, for the 6-th time, METRO Bulgaria celebrates the Pink Tomato Festival. The program includes various surprises and a selection of culinary temptations for all attendees.

During the festival, many Bulgarian producers and restaurants are represented. All visitors can purchase products from the farmers’ market and taste interesting recipes, specially conceived by some of the best known restaurants in Sofia.

During the celebrations, culinary virtuosos from Bulgaria and abroad, reveal their secrets in the preparation of winter preserves and pickles.

Special attention is paid to the lovers of craft beer, who can get to know not only its flavor but also a solid product, obtained from the residue malt of the beer production. The festival hosts workshops, related to the environment’s preservation and the nature-friendly life, the urban gardening and the traditional dishes of some particular villages in the North-West of Bulgaria.

The Pink Tomato Festival is organized to support the native agriculture producers through the initiative “Grown with care in Bulgaria”. It gives the restauranteurs the opportunity to choose from quality Bulgarian products. From the beginning of the campaign, METRO Bulgaria has succeeded in including more than 430 different local items in its product range, acquired from more than 300 agriculturers and small food enterprises.

The Pink Tomato Festival opens yearly for the fans of fresh local farm products. This year’s edition was held on September 3, from 11 to 17 hrs in the Knyaz Garden.