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Art house and museum The Dolls

Art house and museum The Dolls
  30 min.    34 Tsar Samuil Street
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    (42.69412767659611, 23.31699054066616)
Objects nearby:    Boris Hristov House-Museum
Public object / Private object:    For more information, visit the site
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Art House with Puppet Museum is a fabulous and magnetic place in the heart of Sofia. It is located at 34 Tsar Samuil Street in an aristocratic house with a 100-year history - a monument of neoclassical architecture. The house unites "Doll Museum", "Workshop" for applied art, art school and party center.

The appearance of the Art House "Dolls" was inspired by the prophetess Vanga, with the help of which thousands of children were born. In 1999, Jeni Kostadinova started making dolls while writing her second book about Vanga, and in 2012 she created "The Doll's House".

Dolls can be defined as extraordinary creatures - prototypes of people, their roles in society and life. There are over 3000 dolls: ritual, folklore, souvenir, porcelain, theater, interior, for play, which are presented as museum exhibits in 6 halls. Each doll has its own story.

"The Workshop" is a favorite place of children and people with romantic souls. The team has developed over 30 types of dolls and various application modules: flower arrangements, decoupage, vintage, etc. The house offers the opportunity to organize entertaining birthdays with creativity and arts that leave fond memories in the souls of children. Exhibitions, musical evenings, competitions, theatrical performances are also organized.

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