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Amateur Cinema Museum

Amateur Cinema Museum
  30 min.    8 Gladstone Street
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    (42.68087738516841, 23.333048140665838)
Objects nearby:    Art house with the Dolls Museum
Public object / Private object:    For more information, visit the site
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The Amateur Cinema Museum is open to connoisseurs and lovers of film art and equipment. The museum is part of the G8 Cultural Center and is located at 8 William Gladstone Street. G8 Cultural Center was opened in October 2014. with a mission aimed at promoting film culture through the selection and broadcasting of quality and diverse world film production. G8 Cinema is a space for quality art cinema and events related to a wide range of audiovisual arts and cultural heritage. The center is equipped with three cinemas, a hall for seminars, presentations and trainings, an amateur museum of cinema, a cozy cafe and a garden, which in the warm months becomes a "G8 Cinema" for outdoor screenings.

The Amateur Museum of Cinema has a permanent exhibition, including over 300 items in separate modules (authentic documents, posters, photos, archival film magazines, filming and projection equipment, spectator film albums, etc.). Thematic exhibitions and discussions are organized, special educational video materials are provided to acquaint the audience with the history of the old Sofia cinemas, cinema equipment, communication and art.