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The house of Sirak Skitnik

The house of Sirak Skitnik
Neighborhood:    Lozenets
Location / GPS:    (42.68087738516841, 23.333048140665838)
Objects nearby:    The Roman Wall and Journalist Square
Public object / Private object:    External
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"The House of the Sirak Skitnik" is located at 28 Borova Gora Street and attracts the attention of passers-by with its interesting vision and architecture - red bricks, small windows and neo-Gothic elements. Sirak Skitnik is one of the brightest figures in the interwar Bulgarian art. Panayot Hristov, as is the real name of the poet, graduated from the Theological School in Sofia in 1902. In 1908 studied painting in St. Petersburg, and in 1912. returned to Bulgaria and took part in the Balkan War.

The building is the work of architect Georgi Ovcharov and was built in 1926 on a plot of land granted by the municipality to Lieutenant Panayot Hristov as compensation and a reward for his heroic participation in the First World War.

It is believed that the house was built according to the dreams of Sirak Skitnik. It resembles a house from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Outside the house abounds in bay windows, windows and interesting ornaments. The internal layout is also an idea of ​​the family - on the ground floor is the room where the capital's intellectuals and bohemians gathered, and on the top - the studio of Sirak Skitnik.

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