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House-museum of Ivan Lazarov

House-museum of Ivan Lazarov
  30 min.    56 Vasil Levski Blvd.
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    (42.69412767659611, 23.31699054066616)
Objects nearby:    Notary and Patriarch Evtimiy Square
Public object / Private object:    External
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"House-Museum of Ivan Lazarov" is a branch of the National Art Gallery and is a national cultural monument since 1978. Ivan Lazarov is a prominent Bulgarian sculptor, born in 1889. in Karlovo.

The home of the Bulgarian sculptor was built in the period 1912-1913. and is located at 56 Vasil Levski Blvd. The attention of passers-by is attracted by the sculpture of an elderly woman sitting on the central stairs, leaning her head on her hand, welcoming, sending and waiting for the next visitor of the house. The sculpture "Mother" was made by Ivan Lazarov as a monument to the grave and the native house of the poet Dimcho Debelyanov in Koprivshtitsa. Today the warmth of human presence is not felt in the rooms, but the spirit of the author grows through the works sculpted by his hands.

The four-storey building is distinguished by its architecture and its cold white-bluish color of the facade. The main focus is on the three-walled bay window, ending with a balcony with a wrought iron railing. Elegant and measured in detail decorative plastic decorates the edges of the building. At the base of the two balconies are majestic lion heads, and above the main entrance is a coat of arms with distinctive ornaments.
The works of Ivan Lazarov are the material proof of the evolution in his artistic view. The line of the native is present in the overall work of the author, manifesting itself as a leading trend and meaningful goal.

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