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The oldest tree in Sofia

The oldest tree in Sofia
  30 min.    5 Iskar Street
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.69988596038883, 23.32544085323962
Objects nearby:    The ruins
Public object / Private object:    Public object
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The oldest living tree in the capital is a mulberry tree, about 650 years old, located on Iskar Street. In this place was the inn of Hadji Mano, who was a famous guardian of the freedom of Bulgaria and an ally of the Deacon. According to the legend, when Levski was staying in Sofia, he stayed in his inn and tied his horse to this mulberry tree. It reaches a height of 20 meters and has a stem diameter of 4.1 meters.

It is followed by a six-year-old summer oak with three stems, which is located on Zlaten Rog Street in the capital's Lozenets district. Three of the summer oaks are five centuries old - on Ioan Ekzarh Street in the Lozenets district, in the village of Marchaevo and in the village of Dragalevtsi.

Tree hugs have been recommended by ancient healers for recharging with positive energy. The healing power of trees and plants has been known and studied by ancient peoples, whose tribes were "charged" in this way in difficult transitions. Even today, non-traditional medicine recommends a few minutes of hugging with a tree to make us feel more relaxed and refreshed, to recharge with harmony and strength. Trees extract negative energy, help treat some diseases, especially the nervous system, relieve stress and have a calming effect, experts say.

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